OpenRD Development Kit DVD

This DVD contains Revision 1.0 of OpenRD Development Kit.


The OpenRD development packages are provided to assist developers in developing applications utilizing the OpenRD development kit platform. This section provides a brief description of the packages.
Documentation Package: This package consists of the documents needed to quick start using OpenRD development kit platform and OpenRD user guide.
[path: openrd-devkit-v1.0/]

Schematics and Bill of Materials: This package provides the schematics, layout and BOM necessary to design OpenRD development kit. [path: openrd-devkit-v1.0/]

U-Boot: This package consists of the files and source codes needed to build U-Boot, initial bring-up of OpenRD development kit as well as upgrading the U-Boot.
[path: openrd-devkit-v1.0/]

Linux Support Package: This package provides the files and sources needed to build and configure the Linux kernel with Marvell’s LSP. It also includes a compiled uImage to bring-up OpenRD development kit.
[path: openrd-devkit-v1.0/]

Fedora Core 8 File System: This package consists of Fedora Core 8 file system.
[path: openrd-devkit-v1.0/]

Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty File System: This package consists of Ubuntu 9.04 jaunty file system.
[path: openrd-devkit-v1.0/]

Host Software Support Package: This package consists of support software for Windows host and Linux host.
[path: openrd-devkit-v1.0/] 

a. Windows Host: This package consists of the mini-USB to USB driver that needs to be installed on the Windows host in order to access the debug console for OpenRD development kit.

b. Linux Host: This package consists of the GCC cross-compiler that needs to be installed on the Linux Host. The package also consists of the basic root filesystem that needs to be installed on the Linux host to initially boot OpenRD development board using NFS.

OpenOCD: This package consists of OpenOCD used to flash u-boot on OpenRD Development Kit.
[path: openrd-devkit-v1.0/]

USB Recovery: This package consists of USB Recovery image used to recover OpenRD Development Kit.
[path: openrd-devkit-v1.0/]

OpenRD JTAG Script: This package consists of Lauterbach script required for OpenRD JTAG.
[path: openrd-devkit-v1.0/]

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